FIRST THEY IGNORE YOU: part one—- the creation of the NHS

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We're doing a little shimmy, into the past. In the first part of our mini-history series on how progressive victories were won, we're looking at the NHS. How did this complex institution, that's beloved in the UK and revered around the world, manage to even get off the ground? Who were the key players? How did they win over opposition (and why was some of that from doctors)? And what role did the crisis of world war play in shifting hearts and minds?

To help us unpick the past we're joined by historians and experts on policy Sally Sheard from the University of Liverpool and Nick Timmins, author of The Five Giants, A biography of the Welfare State, then to help understand where the NHS goes from here is Jennifer Dixon, Chief Executive of the Health Foundation.

Plus, find out about Ed's latest sartorial swimming accessory as we welcome him back to earth from planet Cop and spare a thought for Geoff as he very publicly misjudges his choice of outfit.

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