73. Allison Reese

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This episode’s guest is as close as we will get to someone who serves not only in the public office but the main one like the white house! Please welcome to your ears the brilliant comic behind the viral Kamala Harris impression, Allison Reese (Just For Laughs, The Revolution Will Be Improvised, TikTok)!!!

Nathan and Allison chit-chat about Allison’s recent Just For Laughs journey, creating sketches for the ViacomCBS Showcase, and writing on The Revolution Will Be Improvised, Second City’s residency show at The Kennedy Center. Allison also shares the discovery within that led her to becoming the world’s #1 Kamala Harris impersonator along with her process for creating other comedic characters and bits. Catch Allison in an upcoming show including her N’kay Hour, her variety late night show that she hosts at Vice President Harris. Get into it!!!

Secure The Gag is a queer comedy podcast hosted by comedian and writer, Nathan Pearson. Tune in every Monday as Nathan interviews funny queers about their infamous online videos, bits, and success.

Nathan Pearson is a comedian, actor, writer, and host of Secure The Gag based in Brooklyn, NY by way of Atlanta, GA. Recently, he was featured on HBOMax’s Humans By Orientation platform and on the UCB Character's Welcome where his “Guy F**ks His Bully’s Dad” sketch became a viral sensation. Online, Nathan has amassed a following on TikTok and has been featured in Vulture, Instinct, Queerty, Logo’s NewNowNext, and more.

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Hosted by Nathan Pearson @nathankpearson

Produced by Jon Dean @jondeanphoto

Edited by Ryan Andrews @rtayrews

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