TalkCast 529 – Anthropodermic Bibliopegy for Beginers

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In this “Cast we get to talk with old friend Mark Leslie and new friend Julie Strauss. Why are they on together? Well, they have collaborated on the newest book in the Canadian Werewolf series, “Lover’s Moon. This book is a skillful telling of how The two protagonists, Gail and Michael, meet and fall in love. It is a romance, paranormal urban horror tale woven between two very different people who probably shouldn’t be together and yet they are. Wonderfully told in a point/counterpoint style, the two writers complement each other ass the two characters interact in New York’s paranormal community finding commonality with each other as werewolf and occultist. The pairing of these characters is as interesting as the pairing of Mark and Julie, so it’s a lot of fun to talk with them about how and why this book came together and where this joint venture is heading in the future. Join us now as we learn why Buddy always still talks in riddles.

Mark Leslie

Mark Leslie

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