Thought Leader - Erik Jacobson on how marketing is evolving

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Erik Jacobson got his start in podcasting in 2015 by cold-tweeting his way into projects with podcasters like Tim Ferriss. As CEO of Lemonpie (a podcast PR agency) and Hatch (a podcast editing & strategy service), he has now helped over 200 brands use podcast strategies to drive millions of downloads and millions of dollars of value. Erik is passionate about the power of podcasting for businesses and brings his deep domain expertise, experience, and perspective to every conversation. Outline
  • Introducing Eric Jacobson 0:02
  • Why entrepreneurship is an infinite game. 1:05
  • How the market is changing and how that relates to podcasting and marketing. 3:04
  • It’s easier to measure clicks than it is to measure relationship development.v4:39
  • How does one measure one’s love for one spouse? 6:00
  • Finding people who inspire you. 7:10

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