170: Restaurant Tech Trends & Future Developments: With Phil Crawford, CTO of CKE

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A lot of marketing and tech talk packed into this one! Jaime Oikle of RunningRestaurants.com gets with Phil Crawford, CTO at CKE Restaurants, parent company of Carl's Jr and Hardee's including... Pandemic impacts on QSR -- Importance of push to tech -- Loyalty & Rewards -- Drive thru opportunities -- What's coming with AI & Robotics -- Ghost Kitchens -- Digital ordering, menu boards & kiosks -- Future growth -- and more... Lots of good stuff in this one...Check out the episode... Find out more at https://www.carlsjr.com, https://www.hardees.com & https://www.runningrestaurants.com. (Editor's Note: The session was recorded in May 2022 & aired in August 2022. At one point, the interview mentions Matthew Walls as head of development. Mr. Walls is no longer with the company. The end of the interview mentions an upcoming movie promotion tie-in. That was related to the release of Jurassic World Dominion.)

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