Todd Hargrove: Playing With Movement - How to succeed at exercise

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"Kids, animals, and most successful athletes develop skill and fitness through play, not working out. The best pathway to movement health is found not by tracking huge amounts of data or following algorithms, but through curious exploration of the physical world."

In 2014 , Todd Hargrove's book 'A Guide To Better Movement' rapidly became an absolute 'must have' for anyone who works with people in pain, explaining in a way that only Todd can concepts from modern pain science including the neuroscience of motor control, cortical body maps, complex systems, developmental movement patterns, and more.

In this episode of RunChatLive, we talk to Todd about his recent book 'Playing With Movement' in which he discusses how the mainstream approach to sport training and physical therapy has become 'all work no play', too often focussing on movements that are boring, repetitive, planned, stressful, and intrinsically meaningless.

We hope you enjoy it!


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