Dr Kevin Maggs: Load vs Capacity - How To Avoid Running Injury

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Ep.38 of RunChatLive brings you Dr. Kevin Maggs of Running Reform, a highly respected specialist in running injuries and running biomechanics. Director of the USA division of The Running Clinic, Dr. Maggs is dedicated to the clinical diagnosis and management of running injuries. He has worked with many amateur runners as well as the elite athletes in Armed Forces Marathon, professional triathletes at ITU triathlon in DC and travelled for four years to work with the professional triathletes of REV3 triathlon series. In this episode 'Load vs Capacity - Diagnosis & Management of Running Injury', we will see how an understanding of the concept of 'Load vs Capacity' can help make sense of the many factors that runners & clinicians are confronted with in diagnosing, managing and reducing risk of running related injury: biomechanics, orthotics, shoes, psychosocial factors, genetics, diet (REDs), existing pathology, medication, and more. If you have a second, do please consider leaving us a rating on Apple Podcasts / iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/runchatlive/id1446286174

KEVIN MAGGS IS A SPEAKER AT THIS YEAR'S RUNCHATIVE INTERNATIONAL RUNNING CONFERENCE! Oct 29th & 30th - ONLINE! Simultaneous Translation into Spanish! 10 fantastic speakers including: Matt Fitzgerald, Kevin Maggs, Ben Cormack, Tom Goom, Alice Sanvito, Claire Minshull, Trevor Prior, Emma Brockwell, Nick Knight & Jess Bruce, Mike James.

INFO & TICKETS: https://www.therapistlearning.com/p/run-chat-live-2020

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