Christopher Johnson: Assessing Runners For Injury & Performance

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#Ep.26: 'Assessment Of Runners' with Chris Johnson Chris Johnson is a physical therapist, certified triathlon coach, multiple time Kona qualifier and owner of Zeren PT & Performance. Known by many for his unique style of video presentation of exercises for runners, Chris provides a huge amount of quality, evidence based information for both clinicians & runners. His Facebook group 'The Runners Zone' brings together therapists & coaches from around the world to share & discuss the latest trends & knowledge. Chris also is the creator of 'RunCadence', an app that helps runners optimise their gait retraining through changing cadence. In this episode of Runchatlive we'll be talking to Chris about the assessment of runners for injury & performance, a topic he will also be addressing as one of the speakers at the 'RCL International Running Conference 2019' this October 30/31 in Brighton, UK (full details: BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE CHAPTER MARKERS (availability will depend on what app you are listening on.) As with all episodes of RunChatLive, this episode was recorded LIVE 1.30pm GMT at All episodes are available as audio podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, etc. For more details, visit

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