Rockin' Eddy Oldies Show 10-Apr-22: Rock & Roll, R&B, Doo-Wop

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The Rockin' Eddy Oldies Radio Show featuring Danny C - "Recess In Heaven", The Original Casuals - "So Tough", Little Richard - "The Girl Can't Help It", Bobby Rydell - "Ding A Ling", (Twin Spin) The Tarantulas - "Like Spellbound" / "Kaw-Liga", Guy Mitchell - "Rock A Billy", The Heartbreakers - "Since You've Been Gone", The Dreamers - "Teenage Vows Of Love", The Jarmels - "Come On Girl", The Velvets - "Crying In The Chapel", Marty Robbins - "The Hanging Tree", Tennessee Ernie Ford - "Sixteen Tons", The Four Knights - "Saw Your Eyes", Neil Sedaka - "As Long As I Live", Nicky & The Nobles - "Schoolhouse Rock", The Tassels - "To A Soldier Boy", Charley Ryan - "Hot Rod Lincoln", Gone All Stars - "7 11 (Mambo No. 5), Jimmy Beaumont - "Everybody's Crying", The Five Satins - "A Nite Like This".

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