Rockin' Eddy Oldies Show 1-May-22: Rock N Roll, Rhythm N Blues, Doo-Wop

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The Rockin' Eddy Oldies Radio Show featuring The Hi-Liters - "Bobby Sox Baby", Ricky Nelson - "Believe What You Say", Bobby Charles - "See You Later Alligator", Jesse Belvin - "Guess Who", (Twin Spin) The Gladiolas - "Little Darlin" / "Sweetheart Please Don't Go", Joni James - "Little Things Mean A Lot", The Mellows - "Yesterday's Memories", The Voxpoppers - "Wishing For Your Love", Fats Domino - "Be My Guest", The Diamonds / "She Say", Stan Robinson - "Boom A Dip Dip", The Lyrics - "Let's Be Sweethearts Again", The Admirations - "The Bells Of Rosa Rita", The Rivileers - "For Sentimental Reasons", The Schoolboys - "Angel Of Love", Tommy Facenda - "High School USA", The Willows - "Let's Fall In Love", Don Gibson - "Just One Time", The Simms Twins - "Soothe Me", Pat Boone - "Walking The Floor Over You", Lightnin' Hopkins - "Glory Be"

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