Trailer: Road to Dynamic Discs Open

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The Dynamic Discs Open formerly called the Glass Blown Open is more than just a disc golf event, it is an experience. Here at Dynamic Discs we like to call it the Disc Golf Disneyland because of all the activities we have planned during this event that takes place the last week of April. On social media and in passing I often get questions about the best places to stay, the best places to eat, what are the courses like, if I bring my family, what can they do while I play disc golf. Those questions are the inspiration for this podcast series. My name is Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze and on this series we are going to try to answer some questions you might have about the Dynamic Discs Open. So join me as I help you get prepared Dynamic Discs Open on the Road to DDO.
At the time of this recording Kansas was still under certain COVID-19 guidelines. Certain activities scheduled for the 2021 Dynamic Discs Open may be affected by these guidelines. Get all the latest information at

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