002 How to Overcome Fear and Be All In

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If you have ever struggled taking action because fear stopped you, this episode is for you. I brought back one of my favorite guests, Elliot Roe. He has taught me so much about overcoming my own fears that I wanted to bring him back to share a visualization exercise for processing your fear. Listen to hear us discuss how pro athletes deal with fear, hypnotherapy for fear, why we have fear and how to risk everything and be ‘all in’.

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Show Notes:

[01:42] Well, what happens if I do go all in completely. First, let me say like I'm smiling right now. It to hear that you know it hugs and you started to see those changes.

[04:02] And if you're only half putting yourself half committing to the relationship or you can feel that you're holding back you might feel that you're protecting yourself in some way. So oh I'm safe if the partner does something wrong. But the reality is if you're not committing fully they're much more likely to do something wrong and probably going to prove yourself right. That CEO was right it was only worth me putting in half effort because he's run off or whatever else has happened.

[07:43] So first off there's no one who has no fear. I wouldn't have a job if these people were perfect you know they're working with me to try and fine tune and optimize anyway. So even the best in the world recognize that there are things I can improve in their mindset. And you know often there are relatively big issues that can be improved so it can really take you there and performance to the next level.


So we need to be able to say what are you going to do if you're in a bad position. How does your training kick in if you're on the ground and your opponents on top of you. What do you do next how do you stay calm. How do you turn it back to your advantage.


What I found so interesting in the hypnotherapy session that we heard was that there is so much deeply rooted some Kupp subconscious stuff that is occurring under the surface.

And so I am curious because I am really excited to talk about primed mind. So what's the difference for people who are kind of just getting into this or are just Anangu what visualization can do in hypnotherapy in the difference. Can you talk a little bit about the difference between a visualization in the prime mind and then hypnotherapy is really getting in deep.


And the one thing that I've noticed more than anything else is everyone else is just human. Everyone wants to be treated with respect. Everyone is just generally people are just nice and they don't want to be hero worshipped and I just join I just try and speak to everyone as if they're my friend and hope that they will be and in most cases if you speak to people like you're their equal but you respect them and you like them any speak to the same way.


Think about the feeling you get when the fear comes up. So for some people it's a tightening of the chest for others as a sickness in their stomach or a headache or whatever it is for you then think through your life and think about the moments you felt that way around a similar subject. And gradually these memories will come out and just write them down so I'm 15 years old and someone rejected me some 12 and this happened and you'll start to get an idea of why these things are particular triggers for you.

Five Minute Visualization for Overcoming Fear [50:00]

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