The change maker - part 2

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Here's part two of the fascinating and thought-provoking conversation with Sarah Wilson. Sarah is the founder of the internationally acclaimed I Quit Sugar movement, global best-selling author, thought leader, philanthropist and climate advisor. Sarah is a leading voice on mental health issues and runs her own podcast series ‘Wild with Sarah Wilson’, linked to her most recent book ‘This One Wild and Precious Life’.

Join ARA CEO Paul Zahra and Sarah Wilson for part two of their discussion, which uncovers:

  • A very personal experience around mental health and anxiety
  • The real reason why she sold her business – you’ll love this one!
  • Why she thinks we’ve all got the ‘kamikaze energy’ in us
  • The inverse correlation between opulence and innovation

A big thank you to AWS for supporting this season of the podcast. AWS is how you can have a sustainable business. Find out how AWS can help:

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