Live in the Texas Hill Country with Lindsey Tognietti and John McCullough of JAMES AVERY

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This podcast is part of the RETAIL IN AMERICA tour, my year-long journey to discover incredible retail heroes all across the country, celebrating our retail culture, community, and careers. Click the link and follow me on Instagram @retail pride to see everything, including past episodes of this podcast, videos, press for the tour, and future cities.

And just added, there are now RETAIL IN AMERICA playlists exclusively on Spotify that I have developed to celebrate the cities we have you might even play in your store!

For this episode, we are in the Prima Vera room in the corporate campus of James Avery in Kerrville, Texas, with Lindsey Tognietti, the granddaughter of Mr. Avery, and John McCullough, the CEO,

James Avery is a 68-year-old vertically integrated, family-owned company located in the heart of Texas Hill Country. All the jewelry is designed and crafted by skilled artisans using the finest materials worldwide.

The company is a multi-channel retailer with over 110 James Avery stores in four states and is available at and over 220 Dillard's locations.

This episode wraps up several weeks in Texas, which seems very fitting because this brand is a household name in this state. You are the epitome of retail in America!

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With that, enjoy the show!

Audio engineer Dean Albak

Cover image shot by Duke Winn

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