A Retail Hero Making a Great Night's Sleep Accessible to All, with Keith Moneymaker

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This podcast is part of The RETAIL IN AMERICA Tour, my year-long journey to discover incredible retail heroes all across the country, celebrating our retail culture, community, and careers. Go to retailpride.com or IG @retail pride to see it all, including past podcast episodes, playlists, and future cities on tour.

Today I am in West Glacier, Montana, as we wrap up our time here this week, and I have wanted to have this conversation with Keith Moneymaker since the tour began; he is an incredibly inspirational man. When I think about retail heroes positively impacting others and their communities, you will hear that Keith is one of those people.

About two years ago, Keith and I were introduced by Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn, Dos Marcos. Their book, Come back to Bed about the mattress industry and how to deliver outstanding service and results from the same publisher as my book. We quickly became friends, I have been a guest on their podcast twice, and they knew I needed to meet Keith!

Keith Moneymaker calls himself the President, Founder, and DREAM MAKER at Sweet Dreams Mattresses and More in North Carolina, and he is the founder of the Dreams4All Foundation.

Keith says that "too many people living in poverty or struck by tragedy struggle to find a place to sleep night-to-night. By customers donating their used mattresses when they're ready to buy a new one, you start the process of giving someone a place to sleep."

He is also the father of 3 boys, and there's a great story there that you don't want to miss.

Contact me directly here to nominate a retail hero for this podcast, host a retail networking or book signing event in your city, or say hello.

The RETAIL IN AMERICA podcast team includes:

Producer Roi Perets

Audio Engineer Dean Albak

Cover Image shot by Duke Winn

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