319. A Great Approach to the Restaurant Labor Crisis - Chuck Kline

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To stay ahead of your competition and succeed during this restaurant labor crisis, you must keep both your staff and guests happy. Times have changed and the way we manage our team has changed. Today, it’s more essential than ever to create a company culture that’s inspiring, inclusive, and rewarding. Achieve staff loyalty and guest loyalty and positive online reviews will follow. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Chuck Kline of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. To grow to 71 concepts and locations, this group had to solve their own restaurant labor crisis and effect a different approach to leading and growing their team. Their approach is now their advantage. Listen as Chuck tell us: 👉 The importance of creating a powerful and inspiring company culture 👉 The results of leading and empowerment vs the old way of managing and delegating 👉 How 80% of their leadership team were mentored first as hourly associates 👉 Effective staff onboarding, training, recognition & rewards 👉 Maintaining margins with rising costs Watch or Listen to this episode. I believe this group’s approach to the restaurant labor crisis could be a solution to your own! Now Rock YOUR Restaurant! Roger Show Notes - https://bit.ly/E319RRP Thank you to our Sponsors! 🌟 SRV - Unlock Staff Potential and Maximize Sales. SRV teaches your team to profitably sell and accurately create the food and drinks at your restaurant. Learn More: https://srvnow.com/ 🌟 Whirks: We will help you determine your eligibility for The Employee Retention Tax Credit for 2020 & 2021 https://page.whirks.com/employee-retention-credit 🌟 Popmenu - For a limited time only, popmenu is offering our listeners $100 off your first month plus an unchanging lifetime rate. FREE Demo: https://www.popmenu.com/rockstars 🌟 Smithfield Culinary – Inspiring head-turning menu creativity. Visit us for culinary trends and chef-created recipes: https://smithfieldculinary.com/

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