311. How to Provide True Hospitality + Get Raving Fans - Greg Provance

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Hospitality drives our business and is the foundation that great guest service is built upon. Your restaurant’s success and competitive advantage will always come from each member of your team providing genuine, caring hospitality. Do this and your repeat business, online reviews and profits will rise. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Greg Provance of GP Hospitality Partners, a true kindred restaurant spirit and expert on the fine points of hospitality. Listen as Greg tells us: - What hospitality really means - Learnings from hosting some of the world’s biggest celebrities and stars - How to create raving fans for your operation and a sense of ownership by the team - The “Stock Market” analogy and how guests invest in your business - How creating trust is your restaurant’s greatest currency - Why true leaders empower, not delegate And about Greg’s new book Butts in Seats, Creating Raving Fans for your Restaurant. A read that gripped me on every page and one I recommend to any service business. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/E311RRP Now go out there and Rock YOUR Restaurant! Roger Thank you to our Sponsors: 🌟 SRV - Unlock Staff Potential and Maximize Sales. SRV teaches your team to profitably sell and accurately create the food and drinks at your restaurant. Learn More: https://srvnow.com/ 🌟 FanCONNECT - Get New and Repeat Business, more birthday parties, keep your tables full, and increase your revenue. https://www.getfanconnect.com/BirthdayRockstar/ 🌟 Davo – Automate Your Sales Tax. Why not Try Davo FREE for 30 days: https://www.davosalestax.com/ 🌟 The Academy – Everything you need to know to Start & Run a super popular and profitable restaurant! https://restaurantrockstars.com/

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