301. The Magic Restaurant Formula - Eric Scheffer

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A 20+ year run in this business holds hard-won experience and many stories! In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Eric Scheffer of www.thescheffergroup.com. Eric is a true industry leader, visionary, and builder of five dynamic concepts in Asheville, NC. Listen as Eric shares with us: - The “secret sauce” of a truly great restaurant and what it takes to get there - Where restaurants are falling short in running their business - The importance of “Culture” and its impact on the team and hospitality - Leadership style versus management style - The how-to of building a “Brand”, not running a restaurant - Why 100 employees stay loyal and their long tenure to his brands And we discuss the labor crisis, today’s challenges, and Eric’s best advice to operators moving forward. Don’t miss this episode, then go out there and Rock YOUR Restaurant! Roger Show Notes: https://bit.ly/E301RRP Thank you to our Sponsors: SRV - Unlock Staff Potential and Maximize Sales. SRV teaches your team to profitably sell and accurately create the food and drinks at your restaurant. Learn More: https://srvnow.com/ SparkPlug - The World’s 1st Incentive Management Platform for Restaurant Servers. Sparkplug Will Pay $200 For Your Restaurant’s 1st Incentive Campaign. Learn More: https://Sparkplug.App/rockstars Davo – Automate Your Sales Tax. Why not Try Davo FREE for 30 days: https://www.davosalestax.com/ Popmenu - For a limited time only, popmenu is offering our listeners $100 off your first month plus an unchanging lifetime rate. FREE Demo: https://www.popmenu.com/rockstars

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