282. This Pizza Franchise Does Good by DOING GOOD - MJ Riva The Pizza Factory

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I love talking shop with “in the trenches” operators. So much to learn, so much in common. We’ve covered quite a few fast-moving franchises lately, but this one stands out as my guest is not only a 20-year veteran operator of this concept, she’s also the C.E.O. Sit down with us in this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast as I speak with MJ Riva of www.pizzafactory.com She’s a down-to-earth, involved operator who will inspire you. Get ready for some powerful takeaways you can take back to your own operation. Learn why people love their pies and why the Pizza Factory says “We Toss Em, They’re Awesome”! Listen as MJ shares: - Why being Community-Minded is Good for Business - The Secret Sauce of Restaurant Success in a most competitive segment - Company Culture and the Importance of a Mission Statement - Guest Service and Staff Training for Excellence - Best Practices for the Labor Crisis, Rising Costs and Supply Chain Shortages What really makes me smile is The Pizza Factory’s commitment to helping Service Veterans open their own stores and their “No Bully” partnership with local schools. Doing Good by Doing Good! Watch or Listen and then go Rock YOUR Restaurant! Roger The Restaurant Rockstars Academy – The Ultimate Start-up & Management Resource - Everything you need to know to crush it in the restaurant business: https://restaurantrockstars.com/pricing/ Thank you to our sponsors: Popmenu - For a limited time only, popmenu is offering our listeners $100 off your first month plus an unchanging lifetime rate. FREE Demo: www.popmenu.com/rockstars Smithfield Culinary – Inspiring head-turning menu creativity. Visit us for culinary trends and chef-created recipes: https://smithfieldculinary.com/

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