281. Why Most Restaurant Marketing Sucks w/ Erik Shellenberger

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Few restaurant operators are marketing geniuses. We think we’ve got it covered, but, we sometimes make poor decisions when it comes to marketing. We try this and try that, throw money out the window, and hope for the best, but the results are rarely there. Why? Because the bottom line is unless you can rock-solid track every ad and campaign you run, you’ll never know if it’s bringing in the business. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I speak once again with Erik Shellenberger. He’s an industry vet who also happens to be a restaurant bar marketing guru. Erik knows what works, what’s BS, and what you should be thinking about before spending another precious ad dollar. Hang on to your hats as Erik lets it fly and holds nothing back. He’s got strong opinions, but they’re based on fact and real-world experience. Listen on as Erik shares: - The common mistakes he sees operators and managers making time and again - What the difference is between Marketing and Advertising - The Biggest Money Wasting Marketing to Avoid - What the “Lifetime Value of a Customer” really means - Internal Marketing and Guerilla Marketing - What he thinks about Apple Maps And of course, we discuss his latest book “Restaurant & Bar Marketing III”. Watch or Listen and then go out there and Rock YOUR Restaurant! Roger The Restaurant Rockstars Academy – The Ultimate Start-up & Management Resource - Everything you need to know to crush it in the restaurant business: https://restaurantrockstars.com/pricing/ Thank you to our sponsors: 7shifts – Get 3 Months of Industry Leading Labor Management for FREE: https://www.7shifts.com/restaurantrockstars Davo – Automate Your Sales Tax. Why not Try Davo FREE for 30 days: https://www.davosalestax.com/

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