Creating the Type of Company The Future Needs Now with The House of L,R & C's Christine Day

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Our guest this week is Christine Day, former CEO of lululemon athletica and Starbucks senior executive, who is now leading the growth of Russell Wilson and Ciara's remarkable retail company, The House of L,R & C. We learn about the inspiration for creating sustainable fashion brands, including the decision to organize as a B Corp. We delve into the challenges and the opportunities of driving social impact in the apparel industry and what it takes to combine sustainability with true fashion. We also get Christine's perspectives on how generate profitable growth in an omni-channel world and the criticality of being purpose led.

But first we give our hot-takes on the latest retail news, including a blockbuster U.S jobs report that drove unemployment down to 3.5%. But contrasting with that good news are layoffs from Walmart, Allbirds and Glossier, and downward earnings guidance from Under Armour. We also discuss the train wreck of an earnings report from Wayfair, before diving into Target's continuing roll out of its hybrid fulfillment strategy. We close with news of Best Buy's intriguing new "digital-first" small store test.

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Christine Day is a Co-Founder and President of The House of LR&C where she brings 30 years of experience in scaling global retail brands to this new concept in fashion. Christine is known for bringing her whole self to work combining warmth and joy with vision and operational excellence. She is widely recognized as one of the greats in the evolving world of retail.
Christine brings her executive leadership experience to The House of LR&C from lululemon athletica, where she served as CEO for six years, as well as Starbucks, serving in various executive positions over a 20-year period. Concurrently, she is the CEO of Performance Kitchen, a forward-thinking food company creating the next generation of frozen food with a focus on great taste, convenience and nutrition. She earned her BA degree from Central Washington University and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program. Christine and her husband enjoy a full life in Vancouver surrounded by her loving family of 3 children and 4 grandchildren.About Christine:

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Steve Dennis is an advisor, keynote speaker and author on strategic growth and business innovation. You can learn more about Steve on his website. The expanded and revised edition of his bestselling book Remarkable Retail: How To Win & Keep Customers in the Age of Disruption is now available at Amazon or just about anywhere else books are sold. Steve regularly shares his insights in his role as a Forbes senior contributor and on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also check out his speaker "sizzle" reel here.

Michael LeBlanc is the Founder & President of M.E. LeBlanc & Company Inc and a Senior Advisor to Retail Council of Canada as part of his advisory and consulting practice. He brings 25+ years of brand/retail/marketing & eCommerce leadership experience, and has been on the front lines of retail industry change for his entire career. Michael is the producer and host of a network of leading podcasts including Canada’s top retail industry podcast, The Voice of Retail, plus Global E-Commerce Tech Talks , The Food Professor with Dr. Sylvain Charlebois and now in its second season, Conversations with CommerceNext! You can learn more about Michael here or on LinkedIn.

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