CW's Spirit Squad & the Conjuring House Ghost I took Home

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Noah interviews the all female paranormal investigation team the "Spirit Squad" appearing on the CW October 03, 2022 at 9/8 CT. Steffany Strange, Brittney Crabb, and Sara Gray take Noah behind the scenes of their new show and Sara shares several spooky hauntings from her personal life including what it's like to have a ghost follow you home from the conjuring house. You can follow all of our guest on instagram @Steffany_Strange @Brittneycrabb44 & @Sara.Gray.Parasara You can visit our patreon at and email us at or message us on tiktok and instagram @RealHauntingsPodcast and let us know what you think. Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes. Don't forget a new episode releases every Monday!

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