99. Pandemic Partnership: Marcus and Marsha

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In this 10 part series we will have conversations with couples and individuals who continue to navigate the Pandemic either in partnership or without partnership and to dive deeper into how relationships are handling this ongoing pandemic as we enter the second full year.

Marcus and Marsha tell the story of love, life, death, and rebirth on this intimate conversation of Pandemic Partnership. During the Pandemic the couple thought their adoption plans had be put on hold, they took on the responsibility of taking care of Marcus's ailing mother and after losing his father, they received a text message from the adoption agency that changed their life forever. Listen to find out more about fatherhood, passing souls, and filling up one another's cups.

Marcus and Marsha Davis are based in Asheville, North Carolina where they are raising their young son, Malcolm. They are both deeply engaged in social justice work and believe in incorporating Black queer feminist principles into their parenting, work and personal lives. They both hold day jobs in the philanthropic sector.

Want to know more about Marsha's work at Tzedk Social Justice Fund? Check it out here!

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