94. Pandemic Partnership: Patrick & Ariel

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In this 10 part series we will have conversations with couples and individuals who continue to navigate the Pandemic either in partnership or without partnership and to dive deeper into how relationships are handling this ongoing pandemic as we enter the second full year.

This weeks couple is Patrick and Ariel. They are a married couple from Asheville who share a love of travel and their two dogs. Patrick Casale is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health and Addictions Therapist. He is the owner of All Things Private Practice. He is a Private Practice Coach, Strategist and a Group Practice Owner, Motivational Speaker, and Podcast Host. Patrick helps mental health entrepreneurs break the mold, work through their fears and insecurities, and to embrace their authenticity. Ariel Casale is a supervisor with the Federal Probations officer over the court services unit, a polymer clay earring designer, an actress, and signer.

The Pandemic obviously effected their ability to connect together outside of their home, but listen in as the couple discusses everything from how they work together, how the pandemic motivated them to grow, and what makes them authentic to who they are and how they show up to support one another in those moments.

Interested in learning more about Patrick's Private Practice Building? Check out his website here.

Want to check out and buy Ariel's earrings? Visit her website here.

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