88. Modern Man

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What is the evolving role of men in the modern world? Men in today’s world are at a crossroads - one of both accountability and opportunity. Marisol and Adam discuss Adam's work in this space, passion for building male community and how he became interested in this work.

More than ever before, men need networks of support, accountability and community to help them navigate and thrive through their personal and professional lives. The pandemic has highlighted the weak foundation of connection that many men have in their lives. Marisol and Adam share several stories of men feeling isolated during these times and how few options men have for support.

What type of "mens work" is out there for the everyday man?

Adam also discusses the need for men to come together at this moment in history to define their role moving forward within the context of modern social and environmental movements such as MeToo, BLM and the climate emergency. There is conversation happening about what men shouldn't be doing but there needs to be more conversation about how men can be a helpful part of creating a just and healthy world for all.

Marisol and Adam make the connections between patriarchy's impact on men and how it limits them from finding their true place in this modern world.

This podcast might not be for everyone and that's ok. We hope you find the discussion meaningful.

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