100: Pandemic Partnership: Bill Nimelman

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In this 10 part series we will have conversations with couples and individuals who continue to navigate the Pandemic either in partnership or without partnership and to dive deeper into how relationships are handling this ongoing pandemic as we enter the second full year.

Can you be in partnership with your home? How does connection to a physical space and the idea of a home, actually open you up to new partnerships? Can your home lead you to new love? Listen in as Marisol and Adam speak with Bill Nimelman about journey home back home, him finding a physical space, and how creating, working, and living at home during the pandemic actually lead him to his current relationship. Bill touches on dating later in life, and reminds us all that "we all have our own shit!"

Bill Nimelman was born in Niagara Falls, New York and after 25 years of living in Texas, he moved back to NY in 2007. There he runs a freelance graphic design business and has been seriously painting since 2000, primarily mixed media in acrylics and has shown his work extensively in Dallas and Buffalo. In 2015, he launched an Etsy shop with his sister and loves searching for vintage treasures and finding them a new home.

Want to know more about Bill? You can find his design company at billnimelman.com or his Etsy shop here!

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