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BONUS EPISODE! Marisol and Adam recourd a quick episode to give you more insight and "how to" about the newly launched Reading Aloud Patreon page.

When you become a Patreon supporter you become part of our Reading Aloud family and we LOVE our family members! At its core, this podcast is about providing insight and conversations that will support and inspire our listeners to deepen their relationships and build community through conversation. Every week we receive meaningful feedback on how the Reading Aloud podcast has supported someone through a challenging time and now we need your support to keep that going.

Please check out the four different levels of commitment and find the one that works best for you. Being a Patreon member not only provides you with curated, fun and interactive bonus content, it helps us cover the costs of producing a podcast at no cost to our listeners. Any amount per month goes a long way in supporting our ability to keep the conversation going.

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