RNR 230 - We React to News

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It's that time again! Jamon and Robin react to news. This episode includes plenty of laughs Jamon's most recent "mistake", along with the latest news in the world of React Native.

This episode brought to you by Infinite Red! Infinite Red is a premier React Native design and development agency located in the USA. With five years of React Native experience and deep roots in the React Native community (hosts of Chain React and the React Native Newsletter), Infinite Red is the best choice for your next React Native app.

Helpful Links:

  1. Jamon’s mistake
    1. Jamon's blog post about how Flutter is better than React Native...in all the ways that dont matter.
  2. This Week in React
  3. React Native 0.68 prerelease
  4. Workgroup for the New React Native Architecture
  5. TypeScript 4.6
  6. react-native-screens Fabric
  7. Flipper
  8. Ignite 7.9
  9. Glassmorphism

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