S1E11 "Be the Queen, No Matter How They Shuffle" ft Dr. Colby Z

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What are sexuality, sexology, and sex? Is our idea of love, relationships, and even food bound by our limited social constructs and definitions?

Indeed, the tea continues to spill in episode 11 with Dr. Colby Z. Listen as we delve deeper into the world of sexuality, breaking labels and shoulds, our privileges, and the fluidity of love and relationships in between anecdotes of our everyday lives and losing batteries.

This episode also introduces you to the basic bitch - and why this term isn’t necessarily a bad idea. In fact, any woman could be one, and there’s no better time to embrace it than today.

Topics Covered:

  • The sex-ed lecture that catalyzed Dr. Colby's career and life purpose
  • The impact of categorizations and labels on gender identities and expressions
  • Why language matters
  • Why you should not "should" yourself
  • How everyday things, including the meals we consume, are part of our social constructs
  • Love and ease are not synonymous
  • it's okay - and cool - to be a basic bitch

About Dr. Colby Z:

Dr. Colby Zongol is a sexologist who believes that the relationship rules we've been taught are bullshit. Forget what "should" be, imagine what COULD be! Through teaching and coaching, she helps clients reprogram the limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping them stuck so that they can curate the sex and love life of their dreams.

Connect with Dr. Colby Z:

Instagram: @dr.colbymariez

Website: www.colbyzongol.com

About Goddess Cecilia:

Goddess Cecilia is a Sexuality & Pleasure Educator/Consultant who believes that even though most of the ocean remains unexplored, your pleasure doesn’t have to be. She encourages you to dive deep into the depths of your pleasures as a healthy and healing part of self-care. Whether it's through pleasure pod workshops, pampering and pleasure products, or a Vulva/Body Crafts activity, or educating in her finest shells, the Mermaid Goddess helps you relearn and reclaim your pleasure.

You can find the Filipina Mermaid Goddess hosting Pleasure Toy Parties, with Voula the Vulva at a variety of events, on social media during #MermaidMonday, and providing private consultations to those curious about exploring their pleasure. If you’re particularly in her favor, you’ll get to see a flick of her tail as she drops some pearls of wisdom.

Connect with Goddess Cecilia:

Website: http://www.goddesscecilia.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goddesscecilia/

Clubhouse: @goddesscecilia

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoddessCecilia

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