Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 42 Fancy Ratchet (Featuring Jenna Medina)

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Welcome welcome welcome welcome to another installation of your favorite pod on the planet earth, and for Jeff Bezos whose out gallivanting on the moon, we the best pod in the Milky Way bitch! Today we interview the beautiful multi-talented Jenna Medina, with the voice of an angel cherub baby songbird who cooks the most delicious Filipino American comfort food your tongue will ever encounter. We talk about all of her incredible entrepreneurial endeavors she's developed throughout the course of the pandemic and her newly formed band "locked in" now performing out in the mission on Wednesdays. We also talk about Kanyes new album dropping, Pop Smokes recent project, vaginas waxing marvels, and the horrors of 18 and up events. You know the VIBEZZZ

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