Parenting Culture & Intensive Mothering with Charlotte Faircloth

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Charlotte Faircloth, PhD, anthropologist and author of "Militant Lactivism? Attachment Parenting and Intensive Motherhood in the UK and France", and I sit down to talk about "parenting culture" and how attachment parenting fits into the larger ideology of intensive mothering. We discuss: -Charlotte’s work and how it influenced her own journey through motherhood (and vice versa) -How developmental psychology in the 1970's played a key role in creating “parenting culture” - and what that means -the idea of the “natural” being held up as ideal (is/ought problem), and some of the problems this may create for new parents trying to sort out their unique relationship with their child -defining intensive motherhood and looking at attachment parenting as a subset of this dominant cultural ideology -our very human need to belong to groups, and find support and validation around the parenting practices we employ -the difference between criticism and critique - or, how can we analyze various behaviors of parents without necessarily attaching a moral judgment to them? -how social media can both help and perhaps harm our perceptions of ourselves as parents -the idea of optimizing “parenting” or “attachment”, and how neurobiological research can be appropriated to inform “best” parenting practices More of Charlotte's work can be found here: The book Militant Lactivism?: The book Parenting Culture Studies: The Center for Parenting Culture Studies at Kent: RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST!! Visit us online:

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