Radiotopia Presents: S***hole Country

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Coming up next on Radiotopia Presents: S***hole Country.

Afia Kaakyire has a decision to make. And by God, her family is going to help her figure this s*** out.

Join her in this eight-part podcast series as she forages for her family’s guidance in their shared histories during a long-awaited trip to Ghana — true tales dipped in green card anxieties, complicated love, an “Are You the One?” marathon, and liberal portions of the world’s best jollof.

S***hole Country is written, narrated, sound designed by Afia Kaakyire, and produced by Afia and Mark Pagán. Julie Shapiro and Audrey Mardavich are our executive producers. Cover art by Sindiso Nyoni. Theme song by Ria Boss.

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