124. Impractically Perfect

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Some people wear their perfectionist title like a badge of honor. Spending time and energy to get all the tiny details just right. But when it comes to growing your business and, more importantly, growing your paycheck, trying to be perfect could be what’s holding you back.

In this week’s episode, Kristen talks about why perfectionism causes what she calls ‘analysis paralysis’ and what to do about it.

Here are a few key points:

  • Understanding what happens when you’re caught in a perfection loop
  • Why failure is a necessary step in growing your business
  • How perfectionism creates an all-or-nothing mindset
  • What messy progress can do for growth

Striving for perfection doesn’t sound like a bad thing in theory. And it isn’t always. But when you’re stuck overthinking and overanalyzing every small detail of your business, that's when the problem arises. Feeling like you have to be perfect creates a heavy burden that you just don’t have to bear. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it does make progress.

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