The Strokes and their influence on new bands with Gordon Raphael

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23: the Strokes and their influence on new bands

Sophie has the Strokes’ producer Gordon Raphael as guest on her show and discuss their influence on new bands.

Line up:

  1. The Silver Bars: Damsel
  2. Handgrenades: Reptilia
  3. The Bagatelles: Settle the score
  4. The Kecks: Modern girl
  5. Vala: She’ll play heck
  6. The Extons: No Hope
  7. The Criticals: Homebody
  8. Gordon Raphael: Savage
  9. Cucamaras: Window seat
  10. Kid Computer: Enter the void
  11. The Plastics: Fiona
  12. Dust in the Sunlight: Hard to explain
  13. The Banshees: point of you
  14. Voodoos: Easier said than done
  15. Atomic Stop: What’s it like
  16. Melancholia Ray: New routine

Also featuring input by bloggers @oldindiekid1 and @BFloodlights

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