24: music by Wet Leg, Freya Beer, the Howlers, MNNQNS & more

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Sophie plays some of the best new indie & alternative new bands from the underground scene.

Line up:

  1. Wet Leg : Wet Dream (not underground anymore lol)
  2. Black Pines: Chains
  3. Freya Beer: Love Child
  4. Fleeting Joys: Everything you’re running to (song to raise funds for Ukraine)
  5. The Howlers: I don’t love you all the time
  6. The John Michie Collective: High
  7. Death of the High Street: Synergy
  8. MNNQNS: Full Circle Back
  9. Ventrelles: Gondola Wishes
  10. Driven Snow: Trying

Enjoy! Thanks for listening and subscribing! Say Hi on @purplemacpodcast on insta https://www.instagram.com/purplemacpodcast/

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Enjoy! Thanks for listening and subscribing! Say Hi on @purplemacpodcast on insta.


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