Dream It to Do It: Quantum Physics and the Spaciousness of Mind with Dr. Howard Eisenberg, MD

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On this episode of the Psychology Talk Podcast, Dr. Howard Eisenberg joins Dr. Hoye to discuss, well, Life, the Universe & Everything, and how our minds effect reality, and Dr. Eisenberg’s new book, “Dream It to Do It: The Science & the Magic.”
Dr. Eisenberg has a B.Sc. (Honors Psychology), M.Sc., (Psychology), and M.D., from McGill University, and was the recipient of various scholarships. He has also been a faculty member at several universities, most recently as an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Vermont. (At the University of Vermont, he was additionally co-founder of an interdisciplinary Study Group on Complementary and Alternative Medicine).
What does Dr. Eisenberg’s say about his book?
“…Welcome now to my deep dive into exploring the nature of reality. In the pages that follow, you will learn about the overwhelming evidence of the world-behind-the-world and the proof for the primacy of consciousness. More importantly, you will learn about our true nature and the innate magical resources that are our birthright but often forgotten about in our technology-dependent modern world. It is my sincere hope that this is the beginning of a journey for you, one in which you will begin to tap into these resources to create a happier, more satisfying life, as well as a safer, and healthier world….”
We also plumb the depths of other topics:
•The current state of world affairs stemming from a materialistic paradigm
•The lack of human and nature connection due in part to the products of that science
•Ways to tapping into the “spaciousness of consciousness”
•A Shamanic perspective of the world based on quantum physics
Link to Dream It to Do It:
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