174: Software: The Inside Track on Buy v. Build

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Contact info:

Ian Robinson

Email: IRobinson@Enlivenhq.com

Website: https://www.Enlivenhq.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/in/IanAndrewRobinson


Ian and his team at Enliven design and build highly functional, collaborative web apps for expert operational and project management processes. Ian works with established professional services firms - from construction to accounting - which have a unique worldview and proprietary operations to build a sustainable and healthy culture of expertise through the ongoing practice of product development.

While Ian’s natural bent toward process improvement and the development skills he has cultivated over the years make him an astute leader, it is his genuine desire to help companies create healthier workplaces through custom software that sets him apart from a largely sterile sector. For Ian, a successful project is one that uses software as a means of making people’s daily lives and jobs more enjoyable.

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