#83 Elements of an Awesome PR Pitch

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Before you know it the Super Bowl will be here. I'm not so much a football fan as a fan of observing people at the top of their game. It's thrilling!

For me that includes the commercials. One of our favorites, from a few years ago, was the Intuit ad that highlighted Death Wish Coffee. Death Wish Coffee was the winner of an Intuit contest that gave them a Super Bowl ad worth approximately $5 million.

Most businesses don't have anywhere close to that ad budget.

BUT you can get into some major national exposure by knowing how to pitch for PR...

We've recently sent out a whole bunch of journalist requests to our clients. These are the same kinds of requests that have gotten us into Entrepreneur magazine... Twice.

Clients have been included in Inc magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, on TV spots, in regional and national news articles and on radio shows.

Today I'm going to share what should be included in a awesome pitch to journalists.


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