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The Product Business Podcast is the place for product entrepreneurs to get the expert insight they need to grow their businesses. Hosted by Amy Wenslow, the founder and CEO of Products to Profits, this show focuses on practical, actionable information that helps boost sales, streamline operations, and take product-driven businesses above and beyond their goals. With more than 30 years of experience in product development, managing sales teams, consulting, leading product launches, and creating strategies for entrepreneurs across numerous industries, Amy uses her expertise to help others through public speaking, at the helm of Products to Profits, and by sharing her wisdom on this podcast! Amy has worked with manufacturers to bring products to more than 60 major corporations, including some of the largest retailers in the US, as well as numerous online and TV shopping channels. She shares clients with Sharks from Shark Tank, and has been invited to speak at corporations including Fed-Ex, high profile trade shows, and other product-focused engagements around the globe. Amy is driven, high-energy, and passionate about turning dreams into reality. Her warm, entertaining approach - and decades of real-world experience - make her an invaluable resource for product entrepreneurs of all kinds. Enjoy the show! Visit our site for Free resources and next steps:

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