What are the Cavaliers doing?

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The Cavaliers shortchanged their final year of title contention with LeBron James by not trading the Nets pick. Then, they undercut their rebuild before it even began by giving Kevin Love a massive contract extension.

Since those highly consequential era-ending and era-opening blunders, Cleveland had been mostly quietly rebuilding.

Until this year.

This summer, the Cavs drafted Evan Mobley No. 3, re-signed Jarrett Allen to a five-year, $100 million contract, gave Lauri Markkanen a $67 million contract and surrendered Larry Nance Jr. in a sign-and-trade and traded for Ricky Rubio.

On the latest ProBasketballTalk Podcast, Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com and Dan Feldman discuss those moves and some the Cavaliers haven't (yet?) made: trading for Ben Simmons (by including Darius Garland or otherwise), trading Collin Sexton, extending Sexton, buying out Love.

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