Should the Wizards trade Bradley Beal?

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The star everybody – including his own team – should be talking more about ahead of the trade deadline: Bradley Beal.

Beal has shown significant loyalty to the Wizards. He continues to say how much he appreciates a franchise building around him, which wouldn't happen if he joins a super team elsewhere. There's something cool about a star spending his entire career with the same team, trying to hurdle rather than dodge any obstacles, even if it ultimately results in less success. The journey can be rewarding, and the victories are even sweeter.

But Beal reportedly won't sign a $181,301,299 max contract extension before the trade deadline.

Maybe that's just so he can re-sign for $242 million over five years this summer. Yet, that route also opens the door for him leaving as an unrestricted free agent.

Beal has talked about being selfish for the first time in his career. A catastrophic loss this week could be ominous. How Washington sends him into the summer could be highly important. Despite a strong start, the Wizards aren't even a lock for the postseason, let alone the playoffs.

Dan Feldman and Ben Standig of The Athletic discuss the difficult decisions facing Beal and Washington.

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