Say It Out Loud- Ep6 Why We Chose The DMin

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Hey Crew Members! Remember when we told the crew that we are almost Drs.? Well, today, we are kicking back to our very first conversation where we share why we chose the DMin degree in the "Now Say That Out Loud" segment. Come on in to the waiting room as we talk about rejection. And we have a super special guest with us today for our Crew Love segment—Gabby's hubby. Andrew is joining us. So take yourself off of mute and give us some love in the comment section on all of our socials at @sayitcrew! Say It Out Loud "Talkin' to Myself by Hell Nasty" "Stockholm (Instrumental Version) by Revel Day" "Those Girls With Pearls by Aesyme" "Vintage Velour (Instrumental Version) by Xavy Rusan" Host: Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes, Kaiya Jennings Production and Editing Credits: Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media, LLC Graphics: Bee Harris

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