Ep 9 #AmplifyHumanity- Prioritizing YOU and Other Things

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In this episode of Amplify Humanity, Porsha gives us a channeled message, an amplified message and has a note for the President. It's A Vibe: How are you prioritizing you? That’s truly the question. The Amplifier: Porsha celebrates the works of The Rights Collective, Beyond Buckskin, and Independent Black Owned Bookstores (Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books, Baldwin & Co, Harriets Bookshop, The Lit Bar, Sistah SciFi, and Mahogany Books. What’s Popping in Pop Culture Candice Marie Benbow’s debut book Red Lip Theology is on the way and is guaranteed to take the world by storm! Preorder your copy. Tell The President I Said: Omicron variant is on the loose; however, let’s be clear that it did NOT originate in South Africa. Boarder discrimination strikes again as th Biden administration blocks travel to a list of African countries. Episode Credits: Hosted, produced, mixed, and edited by Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media LLC Music Credits: No Rules, Fox Morrow Soul Jazz Legacy, SINY Shimmer Warp from Epidemic Sounds The Star-Spangled Banner from Epidemic Sounds Tire Screech from Epidemic Sounds Bad Sign, Ballpoint Delores, Ballpoint For more Porshanality Media, visit us on the web: www.porshanality.com Please find us on FB, IG, Pinterest, Linked In, Porshanality Media #Amplifyhumanity #porshanalitymedia

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