Ep 22 #Amplify Humanity- Black Music Month and Juneteenth

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In this episode of Amplify Humanity, we are celebrating Black Music Month and Juneteenth! Porsha shares a message to remind us to remember ourselves. Energy management is key. For more ways on how to manage your energy, check out @innersunalchemy Lightworker Incubator program! If you’re an entrepreneur needing better management of your energy as a CEO, you can check out Sovereign. Go to www.innersunalchemy for more information. Do you know what’s popping in pop culture? Check out the amazing curations of #MusicSermon on social media for Black Music Month! Also check out PJ Morton’s new album Watch The Sun and the new Oprah’s book club pick from Leila Mottley called Nightcrawling (Porsha accidentally called it Nightcrawler! #mercuryretrograde shadow period things…). Be sure to check it out! For The Amplifier, Porsha talks all things Juneteenth, its history, and more. All of this and more on the episode. Be sure to check out this podcast wherever you get your podcasts! Episode Credits: Hosted by Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media LLC Edited by Kacia Huynh Music Credits: No Rules, Fox Morrow Delores, Ballpoint For more Porshanality Media, visit us on the web: www.porshanality.com. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, The Sounding Board Please find us on FB, IG, and LinkedIn @ Porshanality Media #Amplifyhumanity #porshanalitymedia

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