Ep 19 #AmplifyHumanity- AAPI Heritage Month

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Welcome back to another episode of Amplify Humanity Podcast. Please do us a favor by rating and subscribing to this podcast. On this episode, we're excited to center Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) history and podcasts this week! Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is observed during the month of May, as it recognizes the contributions, culture, and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. May was chosen specifically because it commemorates the migration of the first immigrants from Japan to the United States on May 7, 1843, and because it honors the completion of the transcontinental railroad by over 20,0000 Asian immigrants on May 10, 1869. Moreover, the first Asian immigrants arrived in the U.S. in 1587 when Filipinos first began migrating to California. Immigrants continued to come from the Asian continent and the Pacific Islands through 1920. Happy Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month! It’s a Vibe In this segment, Porsha shares with us strategies for self-care when the world is heavy. - Log off social media - Go for a walk outside and be in nature - Do things that bring you joy - Express through art What’s Popping In Pop Culture As we celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we want to share a few AAPI Podcasts with you. Check these out! - Dear Asian Americans Podcast - Feeling Asian Podcast - They Call Us Bruce - The Vietnamese Boat People - Asian Enough Amplifier We acknowledge that our hearts are heavy with grief as we think about the violence that occurred in Buffalo and in Laguna Woods California. Both of these crimes were driven by hate and white supremacy. We also want to uplift the work of the Asian Mental Health Collective and AAPI Women Lead! - Group: Asian Mental Health Collective shares resources for mental health support @asianhealthcolleticve on Ig - Group: AAPI women lead celebrates the accomplishments and stories of the AAPI community and the women who are in leadership @aapiwomenlead on ig - Shooting in California church Laguna Woods - Shooting in buffalo Tell The President I Said - Guns in America - Baby formula - Gas prices Episode Credits: Hosted by Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media LLC Edited by Kacia Huynh Music Credits: No Rules, Fox Morrow Delores, Ballpoint For more Porshanality Media, visit us on the web: www.porshanality.com. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, The Sounding Board Please find us on FB, IG, LinkedIn @ Porshanality Media #Amplifyhumanity #porshanalitymedia

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