Episode 97: Polyamory and Parenthood with Jessica

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Welcome to Episode 97 of Polyamory Uncensored, where Lyndzi and podcast husband Rob chat with Jessica Daylover from Remodeled Love about navigating parenthood of small children and pregnancy while polyamorous. We talk about our envy of our childless partners, dismantling or embracing natural hierarchies, as well as time banking to help build a polyam parenting network so all us parents can feel more free and autonomous. Check out the Daylover's podcast Remodeled Love and go buy their new eBook about Polyamory and Parenthood! Stay tuned as we delve into the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain complicated truths about our poly lives. If you would like to support the podcast with a one-time contribution, we have set up a PayPal link to make it super easy! Please show your support in any amount you can here: PayPal.me/polyamoryuncensored. Thank you so much for any amount you can manage. If contributing in a monetary fashion isn't your thing or you just aren't able to, that's fine, you can help us out for free by giving us a review, liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram, sending us a voice message to play on the podcast (https://anchor.fm/polyamoryuncensored/message), or just telling your friends about us! Many thanks to Meaghan Heinrich for our wonderful theme song! Stay safe, we love you, bye! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/polyamoryuncensored/support

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