Episode 96: Open to More with Andre and Susannah

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Welcome to Episode 96 of Polyamory Uncensored, where we chat with Andre Lazarus and Susannah Rose, educators and guides at "Open to More." We chatted about finding their true non-monogamous selves while in monogamous marriages with other people, navigating jealousy via a kink element, and the help, healing, and guidance they offer clients.

Andre Lazarus and Susannah Rose have been coaches and healers for over 10 years, bringing a unique and open perspective to relationship dynamics and helping people expand their capacity of understanding. With a combined 16 years of experience in Consensual Non Monogamous (CNM) dynamics, they are bringing their lessons and tools learned over years of navigating open relationship dynamics through a brand new fully loaded online course. Learn more at coming-closer.com There course "Open to More: How to Navigate Consensual Non-Monogamy" is available now here: https://opentomore.mykajabi.com.

You can also check out both of their Instagram accounts: www.Instagram.com/comingcloserwithandre and Www.Instagram.com/Susannahroses.

Stay tuned as we delve into the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain complicated truths about our poly lives. If you would like to support the podcast with a one-time contribution, we have set up a PayPal link to make it super easy! Please show your support in any amount you can here: PayPal.me/polyamoryuncensored. Thank you so much for any amount you can manage. If contributing in a monetary fashion isn't your thing or you just aren't able to, that's fine, you can help us out for free by giving us a review, liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram, sending us a voice message to play on the podcast (https://anchor.fm/polyamoryuncensored/message), or just telling your friends about us!

Many thanks to Meaghan Heinrich for our wonderful theme song! Stay safe, we love you, bye!

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