211. Remember This Crap - 1988 Cubs - Pointless Exercise Podcast

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The Cubs had a new manager, a new (very old) closer, a new GM who used to be an old manager, six All-Stars and they could play home games after sunset for once! It's time to Remember This Crap about the 1988 Cubs. Greg Maddux was great for a half, Mark Grace debuted in an unfamiliar number and should have been the Rookie of the Year, Andre Dawson followed up his MVP season with a less than MVP season and Dave Martinez got traded for Mitch Webster for some unknown reason (well, let's say we know now-wink-wink-corncob-dress-wink-wink). It was a fun year as new, young guys came in to replace the last vestiges of the 1984 team and for once it actually built to something. Even though Jim Frey was already hell bent on screwing it all up.

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