S2022 Ep66: 066 – Back Together Again and Getting Going Again

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We are in a strange, kind of, in-between moment just now. On the one hand we feel like we have edged well out from the worst days of the pandemic and the lockdowns and the restrictions on what we were able to do. Whilst on the other we find ourselves asking questions about getting back together again ­– rebuilding the worshipping and fellowshipping community of the church among members – and getting going again – in terms of our organisations and activities aimed at connecting to our local community and reaching out to others.

To reflect on the steps congregations can take to get their life and witness back to more regular patterns as we edge out from under the shadow of the interruption of the pandemic, we are joined by David Thompson (Secretary, Council for Congregational Life and Witness) and Neil Harrison (PCI’s Congregational Witness Development Officer).

The podcast also highlights a short booklet around being Back Together Again (available for purchase here), a series of blog posts on Getting Going Again, as well as some upcoming events and training programmes:
Youth Ministry Clinic Webinar on Thursday 10th November at 7.45 pm.
RESTORED: Tending the soul in the wake of the pandemic in Assembly Buildings on Tuesday 15th November at 7.30 pm.
Sharing Faith Evangelism Training in-person and online in Spring 2023.
Stepping Forward: Stepping Up training for new and younger leaders, in-person and online in Spring 2023.

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