S2022 Ep65: 065 – Restored: Tending the soul in the wake of the pandemic

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The last two and a half years have been hard on all of us. Since the emergence of Covid-19, Presbyterian churches across Ireland have been faced with the significant challenge of how to biblically and pastorally respond well to the avalanche of psychological, emotional, and spiritual traumas experienced by many church members of all ages. As we recommence more regular rhythms of church life, how can we continue to tend the souls of ourselves, our young people, and those on the fringes of our congregations?
To reflect on this, we are joined by Dr Angela Minion (CEO, The Big House Ireland), Catherine Hillcox (General Secretary, Bible Society NI), and Neil Harrison (PCI’s Congregational Witness Development Officer).
The podcast also highlights an upcoming PCI event, RESTORED: Tending the soul in the wake of the pandemic in Assembly Buildings on the evening of Tuesday 15th November 2022. Sign up here: www.presbyterianireland.org/restored

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